Managing Under Productive Partners – August 2012 Strategy Question of the Month

Last month’s law firm strategy question of the month asked law firm leaders to create a ‘model partner’ (i.e., a partner with the optimal balance of positive characteristics).  The ‘model partner’ results can be found in the July 2012 archives here.

Obviously, few partners actually deliver the perfect balance – but, the right balance is achieved across the partnership.  Unfortunately, some partners’ contribution to the firm erodes – sometimes dramatically – over time.  That may be the most vexing challenge for managing partners – turning around the performance of an under productive partner.

So, this month’s quick strategy survey will help us put some data around the question – what works and what does not work in helping under productive partners turn their performance around?  The quick 5 minute (or less) survey is embedded in the window below.  If for some reason you do not see it, click this link and you will be taken directly to the survey.

Deadline for responding is the end of business PDT on Wednesday, August 29, 2012.  Individual responses will remain confidential (as always).  Results will be published on this blog at the end of the month.  Thanks you for your insights and participation.