Sterling Strategies’ services to non-profits are focused intently on strategic planning and organizational alignment.  We have made critical adjustments to our strategic planning methodology that ensures that the unique aspects of non-profit management are effectively accommodated.  Our non-profit strategy work tends to center on three types of organizations:

  • Arts organizations – We believe there is a special need within arts organizations to create strategy that frees artists to make great art.  Strategic planning can and should function as an extension of the artistic mission driving the organization.  But critically, that strategy needs to create the resources and the space for artists to excel.
  • Social service agencies – Social service agencies are often blessed with a staff and board that are tremendously committed to their agency’s mission.  The key to strategic planning in that setting is translating that commitment into consensus around strategic priorities and aligning the organization to achieve those priorities.
  • Professional and industry associations – Clients have often drawn Sterling Strategies into helping the umbrella organizations that advance the interests of their industry and/or profession.  More often than not, there is a high level of agreement among the stakeholders in those organizations – the real key is aligning the organization to use limited resources effectively.

We welcome your calls regarding non-profit strategy.  If we share your passion, we can almost certainly find a way to help you within your means.