Strategic Direction – Foundation for Sustained Success

Sterling Strategies helps clients achieve sustained success – financially, organizationally, and competitively – through the development and implementation of winning strategies.

Our firm is built on 20-plus years of experience helping clients to develop strategic plans and to implement those plans with focus and pragmatism.  Our industry experience and clientele are diverse, ranging from for-profit corporations to professional service firms to highly successful non-profit organizations.

The tabs above will allow you to explore our experience by sector (corporate, law firm, non-profit) in more depth, access some of our past writings on strategy topics, and learn a bit more about our services.

Sterling Strategies was founded by John Sterling in 2011.  John Sterling is a renowned strategy expert and consultant.  President of the Association for Strategic Planning’s Chicago Chapter, co-founder of the Strategic Management Association, Contributing Editor to Strategy & Leadership, and an active writer and speaker on strategy topics, John brings an unparalleled depth to the strategy development process.  Those professional affiliations and the broad network they afford, enable Sterling Strategies to help clients achieve substantial and lasting improvements to their businesses.

We encourage you to contact John Sterling directly.

John Sterling
(312) 543-6616

Our blog is intended as a forum to gather the shared experiences and knowledge of senior management; publish that knowledge on an open platform; and engage in conversation with those interested in advancing the state of strategic management.