Corporate Strategy

Sterling Strategies’ corporate work is focused on organization wide strategic planning.  However, our work extends beyond the strategic planning process as well. Clients tap our expertise for a variety of strategy related projects including:

  • Creating and aligning innovation and R&D strategies with corporate priorities
  • Developing and strengthening strategic alliances
  • Bringing the Board of Directors into the strategy process
  • Aligning functional area teams with overall corporate strategy
  • Evaluating acquisition targets and/or new markets (product, geographic, demographic, etc.)
  • Testing and validating market segmentation strategies and related tactics

Philosophically, we believe that strategy development must involve the senior management team.  Strategies developed by an outside consultant for a corporation are rarely implemented successfully – even if the management team believes that strategy is well conceived.  Thus, Sterling Strategies will encourage your management team to get directly engaged in the strategy development and implementation planning process – and our projects on your behalf will be designed to ensure the engagement of the management team.

In addition, we believe in simplicity and focus.  A corporate strategic plan and its primary points of focus can and (in most instances) should be summarized on a single page.  Naturally, that single page will be supported by extensive fact finding and analysis – as well as by detailed implementation plans and priorities.  But, the strategy itself needs to be simple and focused so that people within the organization can talk about it on a continuing basis – as the world changes and as the company gains knowledge and experience.

Our corporate work spans many industries and includes work for nearly every sized company – though our sweet spot tends to be larger middle market companies. A partial list of industries in which we have worked includes:

  • Telecommunications
  • Branded consumer foods
  • Pipelines and other transportation
  • Insurance and financial services
  • Power tools
  • Packaging
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Integrated steel and integrated aluminum
  • Metro newspapers
  • Printing

We welcome your questions and inquiries regarding our corporate strategy capabilities.

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