Sterling Strategies draws upon a proven approach to corporate strategic planning that enables the senior management team to focus on achieving excellence in areas that really matter in the marketplace. Sterling Strategies then customizes every project to reflect the unique strengths, challenges and market conditions facing the client.

Corporate Strategic Planning – Research in the strategy field has demonstrated clearly that the two most important factors in strategic success are:  1) setting a clear direction that is well understood by everyone in the organization; and  2) managing implementation so that day-to-day activity aligns with that strategic direction.  Sterling Strategies’ approach to strategic planning ensures those two points are not lost in the process.

  • Strategic direction is built on a foundation of fact-based analysis that creates a shared understanding of core management and market issues.  That shared understanding ensures that the resulting strategic direction is focused and capitalizes on the intersection of the company’s competitive strengths and marketplace opportunities.
  • Our strategic planning methodology helps the management team to translate overall direction to well prioritized implementation.  Near term investments and initiatives are well aligned with the company’s strategic direction.  Priorities are clear, accountabilities are understood, and objective measures and milestones are well defined.

Other Corporate Strategy Services – Sterling Strategies’ corporate work extends beyond the strategic planning process as well. Our clients tap our expertise for a variety of other strategy related projects including:

  • Creating and aligning innovation and R&D strategies with corporate priorities
  • Developing and strengthening strategic alliances
  • Bringing the Board of Directors into the strategy process
  • Aligning functional area teams with overall corporate strategy
  • Evaluating acquisition targets
  • Evaluating new markets (product, geographic, demographic, etc.)
  • Testing and validating market segmentation strategies and related tactics

We welcome your questions and inquiries regarding our corporate strategy capabilities.