Sterling Strategies’ core service for law firms is strategic planning – at the firm level and for practice groups.  We have a powerful and proven approach to strategic planning that builds partner agreement on a long range direction and strategic priorities.  We literally wrote the books on law firm strategic planning and on applying balanced scorecard principles to strategy implementation in a law firm setting.  Thus, we are extraordinarily well positioned to help your firm develop its strategy and ensure that it is carried out (i.e., ensure that it doesn’t sit on a shelf for five years until it is time for a new strategic plan).

In addition to strategic planning, Sterling Strategies supports a number of strategy related needs – primarily for continuing clients.  Those other services include:

  • Support for strategic growth initiatives including merger/acquisition candidate identification, due diligence and related analyses, and post-merger planning and integration
  • Practice group organization and practice improvement
  • Client feedback with an emphasis on strategic business development
  • Retreat and large scale meeting facilitation
  • Strategic issue resolution (e.g., partner compensation, succession planning, etc.)

All of our work for law firms is custom tailored to the unique characteristics and needs of our clients.

We welcome your questions and inquiries.