The Value of Client Feedback – Law Firm Strategy Topic of the Month – October 2012

Our June 2012 strategy question of the month focused on best practices in strategic planning in law firms.  One of the principle factors that distinguished the firms reporting the most success with strategic planning from those reporting the least success was the use of client feedback in the strategic planning process.  Specifically, firms that report having “very successful” planning processes were 45% more likely to have solicited client input than were firms that reported disappointing results.  Remarkably, a similar survey conducted a month later by ALM and Lexis/Nexis largely overlooked the value of client feedback in the strategic planning process (perhaps viewing it as an element of “Client Relationship Management” and therefore skipping it as a specific focal point).

Frankly, we see broad value in gathering client feedback.  Certainly, it is incredibly valuable the the strategic planning process.   But, it can also play a valuable role in ongoing relationship management, in client service planning, in business development and marketing, in innovation, in pricing, and in quality management.

What we see here at Sterling Strategies is anecdotal.  Yes, we see and work with many law firms.  But, these monthly surveys (short and focused though they may be) give us all some real data on what is working and what is not working in the real world of law firm management.  This month, we have an opportunity to learn what approaches firms are using to gather client feedback.  And, more importantly, to learn what results firms are getting from their efforts at gathering client feedback.

The survey below should take less than five minutes to complete.  Results will be posted back on this blog at the end of the month.  Deadline for completed surveys is the end of business (PDT) on Friday, October 26, 2012.  As always, individual responses will remain entirely anonymous and confidential.  Please direct any questions you might have regarding the survey to John Sterling at or at (312) 543-6616.

If for any reason your web browser is not showing the survey in the box below, simply click this link and you will be redirected to the survey host.  Thank you for sharing your own experiences with client feedback with your peers.  It is valuable and widely appreciated.